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TALKING NOGGINS | by Rob Osborne

Creator Rob Osborne describes TALKING NOGGINS this way: "TALKING NOGGINS is a comic strip of zany confabulations. Our conversationalists grapple with the latest in infotainment and delve into dopey discussions like you find around the office water cooler. With TALKING NOGGINS, I'm making a comic strip that is formatted for comic books and being published as a webcomic.

A new installment will appear on at least three times per week, say on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. With great fanfare and much trumpeting, HeavyInk is publishing Talking Noggins as its first-ever original webcomic. And if Talking Noggins gets as hot as Susan Boyle, then we'll publish the collection as a graphic novel."

TALKING NOGGINS is an original, ongoing webcomic from creator Rob Osborne and powered by HeavyInk.



THE ACCOUNTANTS | by Rob Osborne

In a fluffy, dangerous world, Burt Burns and Slick Sanchez are certified public accountants. Their office resides above the Hideout Bar, and the bean counters spend much of their free time drinking and philosophizing there. But donít let their inconspicuous appearance fool you. These CPAís are involved in a deadly business. Burns and Sanchez are hit men. Sometimes itís a scorned lover who wants revenge. Sometimes a business conflict needs resolved. Burns and Sanchez donít really care about the clientís motive, but the pair steers clear of the more dangerous hits. Anything involving the mob, drugs, gambling or prostitution is off limits for these assassins. However, Burns and Sanchez are growing frustrated with the nickel-and-dime jobs. Theyíre ready take bigger risks and reap bigger rewards. Burns wants the fatter paychecks. Sanchez wants the fast action. Can these killer accountants keep their balance sheet out of the red?

Originally published by Zuda Comics, THE ACCOUNTANTS is available now from Absolute Tyrant!
New pages! New look! New Accountants! Read it now!

"Rob Osborneís new Zuda comic, The Accountants is the best thing Iíve seen on the site yet..."

- Kevin Church |

"Itís different, itís funny, itís easy to read in that weird-ass viewer program theyíve got over thereÖ itís got it all."

- Chris Sims |

THE NEARLY INFAMOUS ZANGO | by Rob Osborne and published by Absolute Tyrant

ZANGO #1 | Lord Alfred Zango, Jr. was once the most feared super villain in Metrotown. He razed entire blocks, crushed super heroes beneath his heel. Now heís just a malcontent couch potato. In bunny slippers and bathrobe, Zango gorges himself on junk food and fumes over the media attention that other super-baddies receive. Too lazy to leave the house, Zango sends a gorilla assassin to eliminate his competition!

From the award-winning creator Rob Osborne comes this hilarious and offbeat look at super villainy.

Zango #1 Preview

ZANGO #2 | Lord Zango is no longer the terror of Metro-town. He now pursues a steady diet of daytime television. When Zango learns that his longtime rival has a new nemesis, his temper explodes and the couch catches fire. In an effort to reclaim his notorious reputation, Zango enlists the macabre talents of Deacon Dread. They conspire to turn ordinary produce into a monster army. But the experiment goes fruity, and they must face-off with a bad apple of their own creation!

Zango #2 Preview

ZANGO #3 | Lord Zango pouts in his bed, but his pity party is interrupted by a ghostly foe! Van Freako goes on a foolís errand! Deacon Dread and Lady Nebula savor a quiet moment! Someone loses their head!

Zango #3 Preview

ZANGO #4 | Metrotownís greatest hero is dying! Lord Zango is to blame! And the Iron Ox wants revenge! He wanted to kill Atomic Pilgrim himself! But Zango is in no condition for a brawl! Heís facing an intervention! The family wants him to confront his greatest fear! Donít miss this epic tale of the laziest supervillain alive!

"Itís funny. Itís violent. Itís every awesome thing..."

- B. Schatz |

"...Osborneís art is fantastic and the story is quite fun."

- Greg Burgas |

"While the first two issues are straight-up funny and do a great job establishing the unique world of the series, Osborne's book really starts to shine in the third issue..."

- Doctor K

"...R.I.P. Van Freako fights The Atomic Pilgrim, and the beauty of that sentence is that I donít even have to explain who those characters are. You already know that itís awesome just by reading those names."

- Chris Sims |

"...a quick-paced and quick-witted funny book..."

- Great Caesar's Post

"It's funny, strange and has strong cartooning."

"...Funny and has one of the most absurd takes on a supervillain Iíve ever had the privilege to see."

- Josh Pantallaresco |

"Comedy is difficult in any medium...In The Nearly Infamous Zango, creator Rob Osborne makes it looks easy."

- Brandon Zuern |

"...Brilliant concept...fresh and humorous."

- G-Man |

SUNSET CITY: For Active Senior Living | by Rob Osborne

Sunset City is a typical retirement community. Its residents enjoy golf and gossip and they all seem content to fritter away their golden years. Except Frank McDonald. A retired widower, he wrestles with the question: Why am I here? Reading the newspaper, Frank keeps up on the minutiae of the day; it provides a buzz to an otherwise humdrum life. One morning, Frank is overcome by a startling story, and he does something extraordinary:  He takes life by the balls.

Buy Sunset City online at or

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Best Writer/Artist of 2005
"Rob Osborne is everything that's right about comics."

óBrian Domingos |

"...A compelling and unusual story for the comics format..." 9/10

óDon MacPherson |

"Sunset City is a great piece of short fiction."

óBrian Wood | writer of DMZ, Northlanders, and Local

Favorite Graphic Novel Of 2005
"Sunset City is an accomplished, multi-layered work, and it's depth and skill is remarkable for being only Osborne's second comic. It's remarkable, and I'm at a loss to think of another recent comics work that has prompted so much thought and reflection on my part. I not only strongly recommend it, but would even suggest that a look at it is essential for anyone interested in comics as an artform."

óDorian Wright |


Award-winning writer/artist Rob Osborne wants to conquer the world, and he wants to do it through comics. Seriously. Delusions of grandeur or tyrannical genius? His wife just rolls her eyes. God provides divine insight. A monkey chimes in with unwanted feedback. Resistance is futile!

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"Monty Python has an American cousin. Osborne manifests the same propensity for attempting the improbable by means of the ridiculous that propelled the Pythons to the pinnacle of comedic renown. But the heck with comedic renown. Osborne wants world domination. Marvelously demented!"

óRay Olson | the American Library Association's Booklist

"1000 Steps to World Domination is the greatest example ever of how to take a very simple idea and transform it into a piece of comedy gold to be quoted and cherished for years to come."

óAugie De Blieck, Jr. | Comic Book Resources

The Isotope Award for Excellence in Mini-Comics 2003
The Broken Frontier Paper Screen Gem Award for Humor 2004

24 HOUR COMICS DAY HIGHLIGHTS 2006 | by Rob Osborne

The Old Man And The Pants is the fastest comic Osborne has ever created. Written and drawn in less than twenty-four hours, The Old Man And The Pants was chosen for the prestigious 24 Hour Comics Day 2006 collection.

The idea for Osborne's twenty-four hour comic experiment is also the inspiration for one of his newest works. Old Man is a collection of stories about an aging fisherman's misadventures. The Old Man sees the tops of the clouds and the bottom of the sea, and he lives to tell the tales.

Buy 24 Hour Comics Day Highlights 2006 online at

GO FORTH & CONQUER | by Rob Osborne

Wit and Wisdom for the Would-Be World Dominator! Abraham Lincoln guides you, dear reader, through an exploration of the maniacal mind of the tyrant. Attila the Hun, Ghengis Khan, Napoleon Bonaparte and Lord Zingo share the insights of successful conquerors.


AMF Bowling World Lanes | Writer - Rob Osborne

From the product description: Bowl your way around the globe and beyond with AMF Bowling World Lanes. Take a trip through eight fantastic locations. Strike up competition with up to three of your friends in Bowl Now mode or jump into Tournament Mode to challenge twelve unique characters. From the highlands of Scotland to outer space, this is your chance to become the world's greatest bowler.

Rob Osborne wrote dialogue for twelve unique characters in this Nintendo Wii casual sports game. In Stores November, 2008.

Available at Amazon and everywhere video games are sold.

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